Through the order management API you can handle your day to day activities in an easy and user friendly way. The order management API allows you to do all actions needed after the order has been placed.

After a purchase

Retrieve an order or payment

Get the information of the current content and state of the order. A payment can be retrieved directly as well using the appropriate paymentId.

Modify an order or payment

Once Smartpay has approved an order, items cannot be added to the order. We encourage shoppers to place a new, and separate order if they would like to add additional items to their purchase.

Cancel an order or payment

Once Smartpay has approved an order, the order needs to be refunded if the shopper wants to cancel the order, even if the order hasn't shipped yet. For further details see refunds.

After delivery

Refund a payment

Refunds for shoppers using Smartpay will follow your brand’s standard return policy and will first be refunded from you to the designated Smartpay account and then to the shopper.

Once the refund is processed to the Smartpay account, if funds are owed to the shopper at that time, it will be processed to the card associated with the installments.For this reason, do not offer an exchange, cash refund or store credit for Smartpay orders. Should a refund be processed in any other manner, the shopper may get confused as to why payment is still due for a Smartpay order for goods returned.

Once the refund is processed with Smartpay the shopper's Smartpay payment schedule is adjusted to reflect the new total order value, starting with the last payment and working backward.


Smartpay will only process refunds initiated by the Merchant.
Shoppers are recommended to contact you, the Merchant, for cancellations and / or refund requests.