Order Management

The Smartpay integration for Magento provides integrated order management. Order management for Smartpay orders should continue to be processed as part of your standard order management within your Magento admin.

While order management could be done directly via the Smartpay merchant dashboard, this will cause Smartpay data and Magento order data to be out of sync and could result in unintended updates, e.g. duplicated refunds. Unless there is a problem, all order management should be done through the Magento admin, not the Smartpay merchant dashboard.

Smartpay Order Info

You can find the Smartpay Order ID on the Sales → Orders → Order Detail page, in the Payment Information section.

Smartpay Order ID


By default the full order is captured automatically as soon as the order is authorized and an invoice is issued automatically. You can find the invoice under Order View→ Invoices page.

If you have enabled the Manual Capture mode in the Smartpay configuration, then you will have to manually capture in 7 days. If the order is not captured within 7 days it will be automatically canceled.

To create an invoice and capture it, you can click the Invoice button on the right upper corner of that order.

Create an invoice

You can update the quantities of the products here and submit a new invoice. You can submit multiple invoices for different products in the same order.

Specify items to invoice


In Magento 2 to refund an order, you need to create a credit memo for an invoice. Go to Order View → Invoices → Invoice View and click the Credit Memo button on the upper right corner.

Create a credit memo

You can choose which items to refund and adjust the refund amount using the adjustment form.

Select the items to refund

Transaction Details

You can go to Order View → Transactions page and Order View → Comments History page to see more details about the transactions.

Transaction details

Comment history