Order management

The Smartpay payments app integration for Shopify provides integrated order management. Order management for Smartpay orders should continue to be processed as part of your standard order management within your Shopify admin.

While order management could be done directly via the Smartpay merchant dashboard, this will cause Smartpay data and Shopify order data to be out of sync and could result in unintended updates, e.g. duplicated refunds. Unless there is a problem, all order management should be done through the Shopify admin, not the Smartpay merchant dashboard.


Based on the "Payment capture" configuration (in the Shopify store admin, under Settings -> Payments), Smartpay orders will either be automatically captured when placed or you will have to manually capture each order. Shopify currently only allows a single capture.

This "Payment capture" setting applies to ALL orders in a Shopify store.

For orders that are not automatically captured (based on your store's Payment capture setting), Smartpay recommends manually capturing the order prior to the Smartpay order expiration date (7 days).