What is Smartpay?

Smartpay transforms the way people shop, by allowing them to receive their purchases immediately while paying in 3 installments, due every 4 weeks. The service is completely free for customers, enabling them to spend more, more often, and more easily at your store, while ensuring they do it responsibly, without incurring interest and fees.

The service is available for merchants in Japan, and their customers.

How does Smartpay work?

For retailers

  • Your customers entrust Smartpay to pay on their behalf.
  • Smartpay pays you before the customer settled their payments with Smartpay.
  • Smartpay takes on all the credit and fraud risks.
  • Smartpay helps to increase your average order value, conversion, and repeat usage by increasing accessibility, predictability, and smooth experiences.
  • Smartpay allows consumers to discover new brands and opportunities.

For customers

  • Smartpay splits the total order amount into 3 installments, due every 4 weeks and taken automatically from your chosen payment method, with the first installment happening at the time of purchase.
  • As a new customer, you can create an account quickly and seamlessly at the time of checkout, while as an existing customer, you will be able to make more purchases using Smartpay by just confirming your purchase—possibly after logging in first.
  • Smartpay never charges any interest or additional fees.